The Affair 2

Bruce is an acclaimed author, who lives in a swanky, white house that is almost a monument in Montauk. And somewhere in the corners of the lush gardens of his wealth, is lying his withering marriage with his socialite wife. If there is anything that this rich and reputed father in law has ever offered to Noah (besides his money), then that is scoffs and arrogance. He never leaves an opportunity to belittle Noah (even publicly)

Shortly after his return to the city after spending the summer in Montauk, Noah returns to attend an event being hosted at Bruce’s place to honor his authorship. Alison is attending to the guests that evening.

By now Noah and Alison’s sagacious affair is no hidden secret in Montauk. Noah sneaks out with Alison for a while and on returning finds Bruce struggling in a chair, crippled by his joint pains. As Noah offers a helping hand to him, Bruce for the first time opens up to Noah. In a half drunk state Bruce recalls an incident from his past, his affair with a socially insignificant Spanish woman.

He recalls the time spent with her as the best time of his life and the book that he wrote during that time won him a nomination for a Pulitzer, the only one he ever had.

Noah’s eyes are exuding the question that every reader would want to ask at this time

“Why did you not stay with her forever Bruce?”

And Bruce replies “Son, when I thought of my life tree with Margaret (his wife) I could see a huge one, with roots and branches, flower and fruit, spreading all over. And when I pictured my tree with this woman it appeared to be a tiny potted plant. I thought that when Helen would come to visit me during vacation, she would have to sleep in a tiny closet. And I thought No, this cannot happen“.

As Bruce lumbers away in the alley, Noah raises the dreaded question “Do you ever think of her, still?”. And guess what Bruce has to answer. He turns towards Noah, looks him in the eye and replies “Every, single day

Noah stands lone in the alley and the shadow of Bruce departs leaving him on the crossroads, where he must choose between a life which promises social security and the one he is longing for. Noah returns to the city, back to his wife and children, in a bid to undo the damage that has already been done to his marriage.

Whether he is able to succeed or not is what you will find out in the next blog.

Bruce’s life tree herein in symbolic of social security, ties and comforting materialism. Its flowers and fruit are the benefits of social acceptance. Its roots are the bonds of a unified family, which would hold children in their place. It branches and thrives on his sacrifice. But the bigger question is did Bruce’s tree grow the way he imagined it to. I cannot tell you that. What I can tell you is that much later in the story, Bruce takes a taxi from the airport and engages in idle talk with the unknown taxi driver. He reveals to him that he had gone to meet the long lost Spanish woman in Barcelona and is planning to divorce his wife after forty years of marriage.

So, there’s the question, What is it that incites a seemingly wise man to change the decision that he took in all his sane mind? What is it that a man (or woman) is actually longing for? What is it that makes a man give up his life of stability that he had been trying so hard to resurrect? And the answer is for you to seek, because it may not be the same for everyone.

We will continue Noah’s story in the next blog

Ps- Surprise, surprise!! Guess who was the taxi driver to whom Bruce unintentionally revealed his secret. It was Cole, Alison’s husband, who at this point has lost his ranch and is driving a cab for a living.




Fictionality- The Affair

Did you ever think how different people can look at the same situation with their own differing perspectives. Sometimes so profound is our view that it gets ingrained in our memory the way we want it to. That is the beauty of this show. Every scene is pictured at least  twice or more, titled by the name of the character who narrates his or her own version of the story. And the stark difference in the interpretation will amaze you.

Let me now take the opportunity to introduce the lead characters to you

Noah The story hinges around this forty something unsuccessful college teacher of English literature and struggling author, father of four and henpecked husband, subdued by the sheer perfection of his rich and beautiful wife Helen.

Alison The small town mysterious looking waitress, married to the rustic and handsome ranch owner Cole, and struggling to revive from the loss of her only child.

The story is set in the sea side haven, small town Montauk which subsists on tourists coming to enjoy the summer. Besides this Montauk is nothing but a sleepy town where a prominent author Bruce has decide to make his sprawling mansion and lives with his rather nasty looking wife. Oh!! Did I forget to mention that these are the in-laws of our lead character Noah. Yes, they are Helen’s parents.

And this is where the Solloway (last name of Noah and Helen) family comes to spend the summer, unaware of the tempest which is about to surround them as they meet Alison at a local eatery called “Lobster roll”, in a rather eventful manner.

This story which is in fact a flash back of narrations which come while a detective interviews the characters for a murder, will stir your emotions and will take you by surprise.

I will bring for you the scenes which moved me and which had a wide range of human emotions and issues like love, hate and parenting involved.

Get prepared to embark on this joyride. More coming up in the next blog!!


Wasn’t there that moment in your life when you completely forgot about your real self and your life became a part of the fiction you were watching. Mine had a few such moments when  I became woven into the fabric of the fiction I was watching or reading and when I revived from that aura I realized how we, as real people interpret our own emotions in light of the stories we see, hear and imagine.

And that is what I am going to be writing here. Without letting out the story (just to preserve the fun for you while you watch), I am going to pick instances from the story that were powerful and touching and which made me emote and sometimes gave me answers I was longing to find.

I once read somewhere that the books find us when we need them the most. So, what we prefer to watch reflects our own quest for emotions that we are subconsciously looking for. Sometimes watching something like that is such a gratifying experience, you want to share it. You want to let others know how you felt and you feel overwhelmed by the way the author or the director portrayed a situation and the actors enacted it.

So here comes “The Truth About Fiction”.

My blog would cover mostly English TV shows and movies, sometimes even books.

And as I am an amateur blogger, it may just show sometimes but I think the advantage is that it would keep the narrative raw. Hoping for the best!!